The Advantages of Self-Managed Teams In Your Business

Having a whole team on-site developing your digital product sounds like a great idea. But, is this the best choice? There are a lot of alternatives in the market and a Self-Managed Teams is a perfect fit. Hiring a managed team saves you money by reducing general overhead costs, and the associated expenditures of hiring and training new employees.

A self-managed team is a well-known tool for digital companies. The point is to provide a functional team to help an existing one. But this is not the only benefit. And is different from the staff augmentation model. The big difference between them is that managed team is not just providing resources. It’s a team set up to work with an existing one aligned with the business goals and development roadmap. Usually, a self-managed team comes with its own product manager as a link to the existing team.

Benefits of the self-managed teams model:

  • 🟠 Quickly fill in-house skill gaps with outside talent.
  • ⚫ Administrative duties are handled by IT staff augmentation vendors.
  • 🟠 Compatible time zone to work effectively and simultaneously.
  • ⚫ You get a great deal of flexibility when it comes to scaling up or scaling down your team.
  • 🟠 Your full-time staff won’t be threatened by the additional talent, because they will only work on a short-term basis.
  • Don’t worry about recruiting, hiring, and the expenses of full-time employees.

Let’s find out how it works on a practical example of a GM2’s successful self-managed teams project! 

An efficiently managed teams project to deliver a new product in record time

GM2 was appointed to help the Glisser team deliver a new product, ‘Glisser Elements’. The deadline was a large industry event in London in November 2021 called Event Tech Live. Glisser Elements is a Software Development Kit that allows enterprises and their agencies to create bespoke virtual and hybrid events. This is possible by using the Glisser platform’s highly-developed components, inside their own websites. Glisser first got in touch with GM2 after a great “word of mouth” recommendation about our track record and competitively priced rates. 

Glisser wanted a self-managed team that would work alongside their existing team to develop this new product. The goal was to help them to develop the component parts of their existing event platform into plug-and-play elements for their clients to use. The perfect partner was GM2 because Glisser needed additional developers with React knowledge to complete the project quickly.

It was agreed that GM2 would take on extensive research, development, and testing to ensure the React-based components were production-ready. In addition, we helped Glisser to simplify the usability and expand the functionality of the elements to include additional “approved” design templates for their partners.

The Results    

GM2 handled the operations and management of the development team so Glisser could focus on their business. With the self-managed team working quickly, we helped speed up the project. As a consequence, we successfully split each Glisser component into separate components to create ‘Glisser Elements’. 

We worked side by side as an extension of Glisser’s team. Also, we share future strategies and ideas as partners with the lead developer. As a result, we found the solutions together and gave a faster delivery than if they completed all the tasks in-house. 

Thanks to a day-to-day collaboration via a regular cadence of calls, we built a foundation for unit testing. To complete the successful launch of on time we worked well together.

In GM2 we design and scale managed teams that work according to our client’s needs, let’s get in touch!

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