Gran parte del éxito es mantener a las personas motivadas y alineadas con los objetivos

Vanessa es nuestra líder de Talent Acquisition y forma parte de GM2 desde 2018. Comenzó fundando el área de Recursos Humanos desde sus cimientos, la cual ahora posee 3 centros de expertise: Talent Acquisition, People Experience y Payroll. Vane lleva adelante todos sus proyectos siempre con una sonrisa y mucha proactividad, pero sobre todo se […]

Effective communication (or The art of taking others into account)

What is it about people that they can find it so difficult to work together and communicate effectively?  After working in many big corporations, those that call themselves international and multinational, I’ve come to realize that they all seem to share the same unsolvable and known problem of lack of communication. Psychologists have dedicated years […]