CuTt5: WooCommerce Mobile Breakpoint

Copper’s Tips & Tricks #5: WooCommerce Mobile Breakpoint At the office, we use this breakpoints for CSS layouts, basically bootstrap’s: From To Description Nothingness 767px Mobile 768px 991px Tablet 992px Infinity Desktop That’s the standard anyway, and we usually merge tablet and desktop together, at least for the most important features. However, there’s one very […]

Using vW units in LESS for a quick responsive on desktop.

Among px, em and %, CSS supports units such as “vw”, “vh”, “vmin” and “vmax”. These are called viewport units, and are effectively a percentage of the viewport. “vw” is relative to the viewport’s width. “vh” is relative to the viewport’s height. “vmin” is relative to the smallest of the two. (“vm” on old IE versions.) […]