Sustainable actions that we develop in our business culture

The tech industry has experienced growth in the last years, transforming the way that we interact with the world, for example, with the sustainable initiatives to create a more responsible environment and a better planet.

GM2 isn’t falling behind! We know that technology is a tool for reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our social responsibility. That’s why we are committed to making the world sustainable!

sustainable actions in GM2.

What sustainable actions have we developed at GM2?

From the beginning, we have developed a sustainability policy that helps to minimize our environmental impact and maximize our social impact.

  • We use solar panels in our facilities. These panels generate a large amount of clean and renewable energy, allowing us to reduce our consumption of non-renewable energy. Additionally, the panels that we use produce 100% of the daily electricity for our office.
  • We have a partnership with “En Buenas Manos”, an organization that works on employability projects through the development of sustaining activities, providing equal job opportunities.
  • We also offer a sustainable welcome kit to our new talents; each item is associated with a GM2 value: jenga, laptop  and stand, plantable kit, mate and cups of coffee made from recycled materials.

We ensure that our team is aware of the importance of sustainability in their daily work. We are always looking for projects with impact on the environment and society.

sustainable actions in GM2.

In GM2 we are working to contribute to our environment through actions that endure over time, through renewable energy, the reduction of plastic use, and improving the energy efficiency of electronic devices. At the same time, we want to introduce this culture from the day our employees join the company, through more responsible and sustainable practices.

Know more about our initiatives through our CEO Gabriel Molina!

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