iphone no carga no prende

The other day I used all the power of my iPhone and wanted to charge the iPhone in its doc. When I came back a couple of hours later, I noticed that the phone was not charging! In fact, I was unable to turn in on in any way! And yes, all cables were connected in the right way. But the iPhone became a brick. I was unable to start the phone by pressing the upper power button, home and also the well know “two finger salute” (pressing power and home for 10 seconds). The phone didn’t react on anything. Even when connected to my macbook, nothing happend My Mac didn’t see the iPhone and the iPhone still was not booting or even displaying anything on the screen.

Now I cant imagine anymore being without an iPhone so I was already driving in my head towards Belgium were you can buy simlock free phones. Yes my iPhone is jailbroken, iPhones want to be free ! Smiling

After some googleing I found an answer that was odd but worked! In case your iPhone seems to be bricked and doesn’t charge or react on anything perform the following voodoo:

  1. switch the mute switch 4 times (up, down, up down)
  2. now press home and power for 6-10 seconds

And see your iPhone come back from a perma sleep. It worked for me, do not through your iPhone away when this happens to you!

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