How to start a successful product build from scratch?

Creating a product from scratch could be a huge challenge. To achieve your business goals it’s important to develop a high-quality product according to your customers’ needs. But it’s crucial to listen to their needs and to communicate your suggestions or limitations before starting a product build. This is a complex but clear process with a lot of people involve and a code challenge to solve.

There are a lot of approaches to build a digital solution from scratch. This article aims to help startups and entrepreneurs understand every step of the development process through GM2’s way of product building 💪.

This five-step process is well defined, connected, and gives feedback between every phase. Let’s find it out!

Our ultimate Product build process: from ideation to implementation

1. UX Research: This step seems overrated but is as important as every other step. The UX Research is key at the beginning of the solution’s design to find out all the unique characteristics our users have and what problem we are trying to solve. Define a concept!

2. Business analysis: Finding out if your idea would be successful, viable, and scalable is mandatory before spending efforts and money on a non-commercial idea. During the discovery process, our specialists go deep into your idea and find all the improvements to make it successful, attractive, and consistent. Focus on the business!

3. UX design: When it comes to saving money and time during the development process, the UX design is the perfect step. It involves the prototyping of your solution to make it user-friendly to reduce future iterations of your digital product. Shape your product!

4. Development: If you are here, your idea succeeded in every previous step and it’s on a good path! The software architect already decided on the perfect stack to build your solution and the developers are ready to work. Code up!

5. QA: Testing is a very important part of the software life cycle stage. Without testing, companies would lose a lot of resources and efficiency due to serious technical failures that could have been fixed in time. Find every bug!

Congratulations, now it’s time to go live with your product!

Which roles are involved in every step?

Once you finished the entire process, you will be responsible for product maintenance. This is an extra step to work on product improvement and refinement. This is why you need to define a scalable product in the early steps. Every step has a reason, your product could be really successful and you would need new features and grow fast!


Building a solution from scratch is complex. But if you follow a good design and clear process with a well-educated team, you will increase your chances of success. Don’t lose your business goals during the process, or the user experience. This product needs to be easy and friendly for those who will surf your website.

In GM2 We turn our clients’ ideas into digital products. Now you know how we do it, let’s have a conversation!

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