CuTt7: theme-symlink

Copper’s Tips & Tricks #7: theme-symlink

WordPress developers, I know some of you who use Sublime or similar tools with file explorer sidebars, have problems. Innumerable, as we’re all humans, and perfection is unattainable.

I know some of you open the whole project folder from the webroot, or even higher up. For you, I have a solution to a problem you may have not realized existed before, as tiny as it may be:

Having too click too much to open the theme you’re developing’s folder.

And a bonus: Cmd+P on Sublime (or similar on Atom I believe?) prioritizing non-theme files.

I bring to you the solution: A symlink.

$ ln -s ./wordpress/wp-content/themes/your-theme/ theme-symlink

Granted, this isn’t just for WordPress developers, anyone who’s actively focusing on a particular directory and has a bigger project opened on the sidebar all the time can benefit from this.

It’s a small thing, but Cmd+P will immediately start prioritizing the theme files due to them being the least-nested ones, and you only’ll have to click once to open your theme directory; I can’t comfortably develop without this myself, it’s one of those quirks that you pick up with time. Hopefully it’ll be useful to you.

Happy theme-symlinking!

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