Convertir CUE/FLAC en MP3

So you downloaded an album in the cue/FLAC format (a cue sheet + a flac file) and I want to convert it to multiple mp3 files? Here’s what you need to do:

Install the necessary software: audio-convert, gstreamer-flac, mp3splt. Assuming you’re using Ubuntu and have enabled the universe repository, open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install audio-convert gstreamer-flac mp3splt

Now cd into the directory where the flac file is and type

audio-convert CDImage.flac

(replace CDImage for whatever you flac file is called).

After selecting “mp3″ for the file format and the quality preset you want, audio-convert goes to work for a while: first decompressing the CDImage.flac into a wav and then compressing the latter into an mp3.

Now to “cut” the single mp3 into multiple files – one for each track:

mp3splt -f -c CDImage.cue CDImage.mp3

And that’s it. Additionally you can also install the audio-convert-nautilus-script or SoundConverter if you don’t want to use the command line for converting from flac to mp3.

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