How to change theme colour in Sublime Text 3

I’d recommend using PackageResourceViewer to open the file. You could make your modifications there, and it would save in the proper location to override the built in files. However, I would recommend copying the contents of the file and creating a custom version in your User folder. That way, you can easily move it around […]

My Sublime Text 3 PHP development set-up

Based in this post, this my actually setup of sublime 3. Pack­age Con­trol ( Thanks to this lit­tle piece of soft­ware all other plu­g­ins are eas­ily installed. Sub­lime­CodeIn­tel ( This is pack­age I use all the time. Its job is to pro­vide hints related to func­tion, object, vari­able etc. names. It also hints what meth­ods and […]