CuTt6: cd symlink “/” autocomplete

Copper’s Tips & Tricks #6: cd symlink autocomplete I found myself questioning everything why do I have to double tap tab whenever I want to autocomplete a symlinked directory vs a normal directory. And then, that question urged me to google, and google I did, and found the answer I did, and here it is, […]

CuTt3: Useful terminal shortcuts II

Copper’s Tips & Tricks #3: Useful terminal shortcuts Note: I use iTerm. If you’re here you’re probably computer savvy enough to adapt the instructions to your terminal tool of choice. Miraculously (or through the hard work of people who thought a lot about things in the past) bash has the integrated ability to move word […]

CuTt2: Useful terminal shortcuts I

Copper’s Tips & Tricks #2: Useful terminal shortcuts If you didn’t know about this (and some people at the office don’t/didn’t), first of all, I feel bad for you, your brain, and your fingers. Specially your fingers. By pressing Cmd+R and starting typing, the terminal will start to look for sent commands that match the […]

CuTt: Find file’s fullpath

Copper’s Tips & Tricks #1: Find file’s fullpath Two ways to do this, the normal way, using `find`, and the hipster way, using `tree` and `grep`: The normal way find . -name ‘[filename].[extension]’ # E.g.: $ find . -name ‘wp-config.php’ ./Documents/Sites/some-project/workspace/some-beep/wordpress/wp-config-sample.php ./Documents/Sites/some-project/workspace/some-beep/wordpress/wp-config.php ./Documents/Sites/some-project/workspace/some-boop/wordpress/wp-config-sample.php ./Documents/Sites/some-project/workspace/some-boop/wordpress/wp-config.php ./Documents/Sites/some-project/workspace/some-noise/wordpress/wp-config-sample.php ./Documents/Sites/some-project/workspace/some-noise/wordpress/wp-config.php ./Documents/Sites/some-project/workspace/some-censured/wordpress/wp-config-sample.php ./Documents/Sites/some-project/workspace/some-censured/wordpress/wp-config.php The hipster way $ tree -fi | […]

How to set Bitbucket for Multiple Accounts

How to set Bitbucket for Multiple Accounts Just found the solution for adding multiple accounts to Bitbucket. The reason why it is not so straight forward is because one SSH key only can link up to one account. So if there is more than one account the method will be slightly different. Here is how the […]

Bash/SSH autocomplete no funciona ni las teclas de historia

Cuando creas un usuario de cero, por defecto a veces usa un bash medio choto.Por eso, luego de creado hay que chequear que bash usa: # getent passwd USUARIOUSUARIO:x:1001:1001:x:/home/USUARIO:/bin/sh Si esta usando esa básica /bin/sh cambiarlo con: # chsh -s /bin/bash USUARIO

Autologin con SSH

Para que se loguee to maquina directo al server por SSH sin pedir clave, hay que copiar tu public key al server. cat .ssh/id_dsa.pubAcá verás la cadenota de tu key La copias y la pegas en el archivo del server.ssh/authorized_keys Si no existe en el server creas la carpeta .ssh en el home y luego […]

Configurar SSH para evitar escribir todo cada vez

Editar (o crear) el archivo ~/.ssh/config y agregar los hosts de la forma : Host host1 User user1 HostName host1 Host host2 User user2 HostName host2 Para evitar que nos pregunte el pass cada vez: ssh-keygen ssh-copy-id host1 Ahora para entrar al ssh de host1 se hace: ssh host1

Installing and configuring SSH server en ubuntu

# sudo aptitude install openssh-server# sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config (can change the porth there too) Protocol 2…PermitRootLogin no…AllowUsers janeAllowUsers john # sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart Sometimes you may need to limit which hosts can contact the SSH server. Restrictions can be implemented by using the /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny files. The next allows connections only from trusted networks. […]