sp_generate_inserts para sql server 2008

http://vyaskn.tripod.com/code/generate_inserts_2005.txt stored procedure que crea inserts para una tabla X Usage: Example 1: To generate INSERT statements for table ‘titles’: EXEC sp_generate_inserts ‘titles’ Example 2: To ommit the column list in the INSERT statement: (Column list is included by default) NOTE: If you have too many columns, you are advised to ommit column list, as […]

Backup automático de MSSQL Express

post original Automating Database Backups with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition With the introduction of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 came the introduction of Express Edition. Replacing Microsoft’s MSDE from the SQL Server 2000 product line Express Edition removed the throttling limitation and provided an appropriate free SQL Server product for small to mid-sized websites. […]