Cómo funciona el browser 

Interesante lectura sobre como funciona el browser. No podés no saber esto: https://dev.to/sanjsanj/optimising-the-front-end-for-thebrowser

Parallax Effect

DEMOhttp://www.ianlunn.co.uk/demos/recreate-nikebetterworld-parallax/ EXPLANATIONhttp://www.ianlunn.co.uk/blog/code-tutorials/recreate-nikebetterworld-parallax/

Maxlength y textareas

Para agregar funcionalidad al atributo “maxlength” en textareas: var txts = document.getElementsByTagName(‘TEXTAREA’) for(var i = 0, l = txts.length; i < l; i++) { if(/^[0-9]+$/.test(txts[i].getAttribute(“maxlength”))) { var func = function() { var len = parseInt(this.getAttribute(“maxlength”), 10); if(this.value.length > len) { //alert(‘Maximum length exceeded: ‘ + len); this.value = this.value.substr(0, len); return false; } } txts[i].onkeyup […]

Funcionalidad Placeholder usando jQuery

Funcionalidad placeholder para formularios con JQuery.Poner este code en la page, luego llamar a placeholder.init() en el document.ready. Los inputs que quiero tengan placeholder hay que ponerle una clase con el nombre “placeholder” y en el title el texto del mismo.Para los de tipo password hay que agregarle la clase “password”, y el input tiene […]

Companion.JS Explorer firebug

Muy bueno Este post explica como instalarlo: http://www.anieto2k.com/2007/10/18/companionjs-el-firebug-de-internet-explorer/

debug JavaScript in IE7

I’ve recently done quite a lot of javascript DOM work for a site including some AJAX stuff and whilst it was a pleasure to develop in Firefox using Firebug, I’m now getting “it doesn’t work” errors with IE 7 and I need something more. A bit of Googling comes up with a couple of useful […]

Proxy Pattern

Combining the above knowledge gives you as a JavaScript developer quite a lot of power. One way to combine that is to implement a proxy pattern in JavaScript, enabling the basics of aspect-oriented programming (AOP): (function() { // log all calls to setArray var proxied = jQuery.fn.setArray; jQuery.fn.setArray = function() { console.log(this, arguments); return proxied.apply(this, […]

javascript function scope

Context, Call and Apply In JavaScript, the variable “this” always refers to the current context. By default, “this” refers to the window object. Within a function this context can change, depending on how the function is called. All event handlers in jQuery are called with the handling element as the context. $(document).ready(function() {// this refers […]