Cambiar dueño de var/www

you might not be running as root and root is most likely owner – which disallows you the right to change permissions. execute the following

cd /var
“enter password for root”
chown -R john www or /www
now maybe after successful
chmod -R 775 www or /www

A little info:
chown allows for changing the owner – you must be root to change the ownership if root is the owner 🙂
chmod 775 does this U+G
+O User+Group+Others 7 = read write execute 5 = read and execute

change john to YOUR username (the one you log in as)

-R tells the commands to make the internal files of the directory “owned” by John as well.
read =1 write=2 execute=4 for a total of 7 for all permissions granted to UGO would be 777 (NOT recommended)

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