About us


Who we are?

GM2 is a Software House

And, of course, this name has a meaning

“Software” because we solve our clients needs creating innovate, trustworthy and quality   software solutions through open code tools

“House” because GM2 is our house. We care about our clients, we take care about our relationship and we we work neatly and dedicated.

Our goal is to be leaders and to be reference in software innovate solutions. And we focus on that.

We try hard to do it right, Always. That is our reason to be. And what motivates us every day to do it even better.



To line up our values with our daily job, we follow these 7 main principles in GM2.

1. The client is in the center of the experience: We assimilate and understand our clients’ requests and business . We work to overcome their expectations and increase their satisfaction.

2. We promote leadership: We communicate fluently to generate strategies and get better results.

3. We engage with the people: Promoting effort and work culture.

4. We focus on processes: We are efficient. We work with related management process, missionaries and support systems.

5. We do it well: Besides, we seek to make it better and better. We firmly believe that the way to success is continuous improvement.

6. We take decisions based on evidence: Our tracking and control  processes let us get our targets.

7. We manage relationships: We promote both internal and external communication so as to line up common goals.


Our Mission is to provide innovative, trustworthy and quality software solutions for on-line based companies through the use of open source tools.

One of our greatest goals is generating fidelity with our clients. Building a team with years of experience, agile and collaborative, focusing mainly in simplicity and fluid communication, being able to adapt to the IT trends.


Our Vision is to become a leading company and referent in innovative software solutions.

We’ll do it by fomenting a work culture and forging a new generation of young IT professionals, working with technical education schools & universities to promote employment and professional development.


Be part of us

challenge yourself. take it to the next level.